I enjoy the company/photography of girls, video games, macro photography, eating things, trying to be skinny, punk rock/the blues, alcohol and my cats (in that particular order).

I have three robot tattoos and will soon have a fourth. I have a 3DS.

Gizmo is the most handsome boy in the whole universe! #cats
I AM GROOT!!! Who else is as 
excited as I am for #guardiansofthegalaxy? #gotg #marvel
I can’t wait to get home. Only a 50gig installation, too! Lol! #tlos #thelastofus #ps4 #sony
The bed linen just came out of the dryer and I wanna get in bed right after my shower, so I crammed it all into the fridge so it would be dryer warm when I got out! #friggingenius
Welp, time for supper!
Today, I start a two week, liquid only, pre-op fast — full liquids for one week, clear liquids for the next. If it can’t be strained, I can’t consume it. This is going to be so difficult. Wish me luck! (If you wanna know more about the surgery, or me for that matter, or want updates, add me to facebook at www.facebook.com/armintam <3 Wheeee!)
Gitcher tail, bud! #dogs #archie #dogsofinstagram
My wonderful sister and mother made me a soup I can eat after I have my tummy surgery. They say that it’s just puréed veggies and stock, but something tells me they just spent the evening #vomiting into a huge pot. Either way, they worked hard, so thanks, lovies! <3
Archie Andrews: wishy-washy to the bitter end. You’re dying for fuck sakes, it’s not like Betty won’t make you brownies if you pick Ronnie, because you’ll be dead. #pickoneforfucksakes
It ain’t all bad, people! <3 #kittens
The spooniest of bards! #fft #finalfantasytactics #vita #playstation
Baxter’s motorcycle! He was pretty proud of it! <3 #lego
Taking pictures of pictures is where it’s at!