I enjoy the company/photography of girls, video games, macro photography, eating things, trying to be skinny, punk rock/the blues, alcohol and my cats (in that particular order).

I have three robot tattoos and will soon have a fourth. I have a 3DS.

It ain’t all bad, people! <3 #kittens
The spooniest of bards! #fft #finalfantasytactics #vita #playstation
Baxter’s motorcycle! He was pretty proud of it! <3 #lego
Taking pictures of pictures is where it’s at!
My super cute friend, Bailey, with her super cute boy, Cayden! <3
Cracker loves sleeping on Kissy’s head. Kissy doesn’t mind! #rats
Me! #selfie
Yer god damned right, he is! ;) #finalfantasytactics #vita #playstation
Only 42 with the humidex? Pfft. Bring it on, weather. *collapses and dies* okay, you win. That’s 108F to my American friends. If anyone needs me, I’ll be the one throwing himself in front of police officers, begging them to shoot him!
My friend, Bailey, is a super cutie!!!
Went to the pool with and splashed the shit out of my friend’s little dude! If you know me and my hatred of public pools, you’ll understand why this is kind of a big deal :p
Baxter “El Luchador” Marks <3
Hugs me right meow! #cat
My face!