I enjoy the company/photography of girls, video games, macro photography, eating things, trying to be skinny, punk rock/the blues, alcohol and my cats (in that particular order).

I have three robot tattoos and will soon have a fourth. I have a 3DS.

Appetizing, yes?! #food?
I thought these were outlawed in Canada. I bet they’re dumbed down, mere shadows of their former, sugary selves.

Why did this have to be the first year I allow myself to only get gold status in Club Nintendo?!

My Kingdom! My kingdom for a Smash Bros. 3DS demo code!

My puppy friend and me!
I met a #puppy!
My ladyfriend’s grandmother overheard me swearing and using the #lord’s name in vain, so apparently I’m going to hell. To help correct my #potty mouth, I was offered a copy of The Daily Bread. Man, do they ever make some terrible analogies in this thing — so far they’ve compared the #bible to a small child’s scribblings on a sheet of paper, and then compared #Jesus’ love to forced animal labour. Wtf, #thedailybread? Think this shit through.
Look how cute my lil nephew, Akash, is! Seriously! Friggin look!!! OMG 😍😍😍
It’s my current facebook profile pic. Wanted to share here as well! Add me to facebook, people, I’m awesome! www.facebook.com/armintam
My beautiful sister, Kyra, and her beautiful SUPER COOL DUDE, Baxter, on his first day of Kindergarten! And he only puked twice… Welp, only about 2399 more tries before you graduate, lil buddy! <3
Sometimes a #rat just shows up on my head. It’s #goodluck if they pee on you!
As of this morning I’m down 47.5lbs! #weightloss #alighterme #alm #diet #health