I enjoy the company/photography of girls, video games, macro photography, eating things, trying to be skinny, punk rock/the blues, alcohol and my cats (in that particular order).

I have three robot tattoos and will soon have a fourth. I have a 3DS.

Lil dude, ready for his day, sportin’ le tricolor! Olé! #habs #montreal #canadiens #sweep!
I just beat this and OMFG THE FUCKING FEELS 😭😭😭 #borderlands2 #tinytina #whyyyyyyyyyyy?
Day 2 - breakfast, lunch and snack. Going for calorie reduced for the first week or two. Damn I can’t wait to have my Mexican fat-guy surgery :D

hello are you a ufo

Nintendo Oui
"There’s plenty worst than me. I just understand the way things are — how many Stark’s they got to behead before you figure it out?"
My sleepy faced girl is basically the cutest thing ever! #rats #ratface
"Hey, uncle Jon: look at me! Don’t I kinda look like #Halo?" - Baxter <3
Wanna drop a few lbs so I’m gonna do this for a month or so and then try to get my eating in order.
*sniff* little dude! <3